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.177 Pellet Shaker Box

.177 Pellet Shaker Box

.177 / 4.5mm Match box

You are looking at a Match box or also called Shaker box. Made specialy to avoid damaging the robe of the pellets as well as keeping your pellets organized and in top shape for maximun accurancy. Will fit most rifle rests and includes foam inside the lid to protect pellets when closed.

Instructions for use:

  • Lower the tray, latch it with the two paddles, and then insert enough pellets to fill the holes
  • The loose pellets drop nose down into the 100 holes laid out in ten rows of ten
  • Surplus pellets are dumped back into their tin via a cut-out in one corner
  • The lower tray latch is released and all the pellets pop up in lines ready for use

*Pellets not included

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