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  • Does the Equipment meet the requirements for Cadets Canada
    All Items under our Cadet Section meet the rules as as written for the Cadet Canada CCM rules. Our Jackets were sent in to the Rules comittee to ensure they conform. Our Jackets are the Orignal of the new style of jackets on the market for cadets and we ensured that ours met requirements.
  • How long does production take
    All of our OTOS brand items are made to order. So you customize the colours. We can make any adjustments you want to the jacket, pants, or other OTOS products that you wish. There could be additional Charges for custom changes. We do not have a stock supply of standard jackets, and product is made overseas, so delivery time can be up to 16 weeks. But ask at time of order expected delivery date.
  • What makes the OTOS Fullbore Jacket different from others?
    The OTOS Fullbore jacket is a Fullbore Jacket designed by a Fullbore TR shooter for TR shooters. We consulted several shooters and asked what they want in a TR jacket. From there we took everything people asked for and made the worlds only TRUE FULLBORE TR jacket. Our Jacket has a Pulse recoil pad, optional vented back, vented arm pits, heavy quilted liner, is available in Cordura, Leather or a mix of Leather and Cordura. We use Top grip unlike anyone else on the market for Fullbore Jackets, we have a removealbe recoil pad, The neck is cut wider to prevent "riding up", also straps on both shoulders to tighten any slack, Top Grip down whole arm to cover regarleess of sling position. We beleive our jacket is the best true Fullbore TR Jacket on the market and is also the most cost effective.
  • I can't find what I am looking for on the site
    No Problem, just email us at and we will see if it is something we can get. We are always adding new products to the site.
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