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SCATT MX-W2 — is the newest flagship SCATT model. 

The MX-W2 is superior to any other precision training system in accuracy, depth of recorded feedback, and flexibility of practice scenarios. Combined with the new SCATT Expert software it gives you more data than ever in the new intuitive interface.

Here are the capabilities of the SCATT MX-W2:

Dry-fire (no ammo) and live-fire (with ammo) practice

Indoors and outdoors use

Reduced distance simulated shooting and real distance shooting

Fully wireless connection via Wi-Fi (wired USB connection also available)

Works with the advanced SCATT Expert software package

Connect with any platform: PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone 

Dimensions: 34x35x60 mm
Weight: 56 grams

Battery life: over 3 hrs of continuos use 

SCATT MX-W2 is the most advanced precision shooting trainer available today. 
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